Guidelines on Dealing with Manifesting Generators

Life and death have been shrouded in mystery, with many varied views that have come out in varying religions across the world. Who will explain what consciousness actually is? It is merely more than simply knowing or having knowledge of any sort. Take an unborn baby for instance who is conscious in the womb. The infant experiences awareness of being in the sense of his environment. Only his consciousness is different.

At this point in time he will never be as eloquent as when he’s firstborn. As babies we are pliable and soft, ready to be moulded into the Formalities, expectations and rules of society. Human beings are moulded on sex, race and religion and also culture.  It is been this way since the very beginning of time that has gone down through the ages of society worldwide. Civilisation has refined and refined human beings, just as natural Foods are processed and put into packaging making them to lose their character and purity.

Fortunately by being alive we still have our character. It stays perfectly intact only we have lost our capacity to locate it making it more difficult to know where to begin. Like an onion we will need to start to peel off the layers of social conditioning in which we have been dimmed down and forced to believe we are small when we are really powerful beings. Our minds have the capacity to manifest the things we need and want. The mind is the instrument that works by merging it with our Super Conscious in manifesting generator. We are deliberately made to use only a tiny fraction of our minds. The education system is designed to encourage us to use our heads academically rather than creatively. As my dad said to me being an artist will not get you a great paying job, and he was right by societal standards of his own limiting belief. This is how the cycle of our limiting mindset comes about. It has passed down the generations such as an heirloom.

Human Design Development

Consciousness itself is such a phenomenon, and not many people are easily equipped to grasp its fullest significance and while it stays a little still a mystery to most it is in our best interests to learn about the forces of the Super Consciousness Self. It needs to be something we need to be ready to learn about and surrender to so as to realise what being fully conscious of our consciousness actually is and how that will change the way we see ourselves and the world we live in. We are powerful beyond anything we now believe in because we cannot go any higher than that of our Super Consciousness.